Grad School Lesson #4: Get a Hobby (that isn’t school related)


Grad school is more than just time consuming, it is thought consuming. You are supposed to think deeply all of the time! I needed something else to do besides watch entire seasons of Malcolm in the Middle or Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. Something that would work parts of my brain that were not getting exercised much anymore. I picked up needle work – knitting and crochet. I also got into “running” (I use this term loosely because I am not sure if it qualifies as running just yet). My first year of grad school, I found an old piano on craigslist and rediscovered my inner musician. These things kept my mind and body moving on something other than my research. They kept me sane. So whatever it is, an old hobby from high school or college, a new hobby that peaks your interest. Whatever you like to do, whatever you liked to do in the past. Do something! (that isn’t school related).